Créeme que las liebres en invierno y en medio de nuestras montañas se vuelven blancas; y esto porque no beben ni comen sino sola nieve. Y a fuerza de adorar y comer la hermosura, la bondad y la pureza misma en este divino Sacramento, tú también te volverás perfectamente hermosa, perfectamente buena y perfectamente pura.

-SAN FRANCISCO DE SALES Introducción a la vida devota

I would like the entire universe, with all the planets, the stars and all the countless sidereal systems, were a huge smooth surface where you could write the name of God.

I wish my voice was more powerful than a thousand thunders, and stronger than the force of the sea, and more terrible than the roar of volcanoes, to just say, God.

I wish my heart was as big as the sky, pure as an angel’s heart, simple as the dove, to hold God inside.

But since all that dreamed greatness cannot become true, brother Rafael, be content with the little, and you who are nothing, that nothingness must be enough for you.

Saint Rafael Arnáiz Barón